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There have been increasing reports of counterfeit money all over the world. Almost every month, reports appear in the newspapers of people held with fake cash. Fraudsters have almost perfected the art of making illegal money, such that the public eye finds it difficult to discern. Some of the money eventually ends up in circulation, negatively affecting liquidity and pushing up inflation. 

That fraudsters are in Kenya is no secret. On 28th April 2010, the Sunday Nation exclusively reported the smashing of a fake currency racket and a total of fake 114 million shillings in foreign currency recovered.

An interview carried by the Kenya Television Network, also demonstrated that many Kenyans cannot tell the difference between fake and genuine money. This makes it easier for fraudsters to continue with their trade, feeding lots of the illegal money into circulation.

Businesses carry out important financial transactions including receiving cash, cash payment of bills, salaries, transfer of funds, mobile banking services etc 

Supermarket tills service can be used by fraudsters as an entry point of fake money into the circulation. It is therefore imperative that staff are able to detect fake cash and filter them out before they enter the circulation.

UV AND MAGNETIC currency detectors should be very useful tools at this entry point. Staff will be able to reject suspicious currency and only deal with that which is genuine. This will go a long way into protecting the economy and make

shopping sustainable and viable business arm of the service sector.


AD VISIONS LTD would like to introduce to banks, supermarkets, retail shops, an affordable and efficient cash detecting devises that can be used at the till to discern between counterfeit and genuine currency before the cashier accepts any money from the customers.
For bulk purchase, the logo of your company can be printed on the machines at the point of manufacture. Machines will also have serial numbers for traceability and security and ownership purposes.
These easy to use currency detectors are small enough to be placed on the tills without expansion of the existing desk work-top. Many times we see staff struggling to verify the 1000 SHS notes and even hesitate to accept large amounts of cash. With the currency detectors, s/he can proceed to verify the cash with UV light, allowing them to see the hidden features of genuine currency, and reject all currencies that do not meet the required features 


Counting Cash is not an easy phenomenon. Often, there is double counting or skipping of some notes leading to penalties on the cashier, who has to account for all the entries as per the day’s collection.

AD VISIONS LTD, would like to introduce, the Cash Counting Mule, which is an affordable, durable, portable machine that counts up to 1000 bills per minute, i.e. 1000,000 Kenya shillings in one minute.

Technical Specifications

  • Feeding system: Friction
  • Counter number display: LCD display with pearl white color
  • Counting speed: 1000pcs/min
  • Stacker capacity: 200pcs
  • Dimension: Compact size 298x244x153mm
  • Model: GFC 130 Japan

Standard Features

  • AD: add function
  • MN: on/off auto start function
  • Chain feed detection (half/double/chain)
  • Batching: preset the counting number
  • Carrying handle

Additional Features

  • UV: Ultraviolet counterfeit detection
  • MG: Magnetic ink counterfeit detection


Ad Visions Ltd is the market leader for electronic display, cash counting machines, electronic forex boards in the East Africa market. We propose to supply our electronic forex boards which are sleek and ergonomic designed. This means they take less space and are easy to install & operate. The forex boards use WAN/ LAN communication platform. Good finishing and attractive designs are the hallmark of our forex boards. Good communication platform is also strength, given the user friendly software and compatibility with windows operating system


Installing software in the central server that is linked up to the main servers, which subsequently communicate with the forex boards. A group IP address that contains up to 128 forexboards will be created in the main server. All forex boards will be ascertained a number in this group. A single message sent to the group will be broadcast to all the forex boards so long us there is internet connectivity. It will be akin to sending bulk sms using the mobile phone.

All the forex boards will be networked and operated remotely from a central server at the headquarters. Uniform updates will be applied at a click of a button. When the link is down the forex boards can still be updated locally by one of your staff at the branch trained by AD Visions Ltd.


We provide 24/7 technical support. We value our clients and offer them the best available service in the market



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