About AD visions


A local limited company, 100% Kenyan owned, started by youthful individuals and helping in providing employment as well as enhancement of communication through state of the art electronic displays.

Our displays come with one year guarantee, free installation and training, and free software upgrades. Our customer service and after sales service is unparalleled, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our key strength in the market is treating clients with at the same time giving the best uncompromised service.


Electronic displays have many functions, chief of them being communication. In the current world, communication makes an integral part of our day to day activities.

A well informed public is more receptive and able to adjust to the environment at a moment’s notice. The electronic displays have a programmable soft ware and various text messages can be displayed from time to time by way of computer connectivity. Given their durability and versatility, the displays can show graphics, text messages and even display alerts like no smoking signs.



•Located at a high traffic area, Mwenge
•Major roads intersect at this point, Bagamoyo road and transit to Milimani City, a major business, conference and shopping centre
•Attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis
•Intersection at major trading point, Shelly’s Pharmaceuticals, Coca-Cola depot, road to Sea Cliff etc. all pass through this area, therefore high potential clients can see your product.


Electronic Advertising