Ad Visions Ltd is a local limited company, 100% Kenyan owned, started by youthful individuals and helping in providing employment as well as enhancement of communication through state of the art electronic displays.

Our displays come with one year guarantee, free installation and training, and free software upgrades. Our customer service and after sales service is unparalleled, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our key strength in the market is treating clients with at the same time giving the best uncompromised service.

CAsh machines


portable banknote counter

Low cost GPC-101 portable note counter works both on batteries and adapter.



Euro coins counter

The GCC-20 coin counter is user-friendly and counts at a speed of 1,800 coins per minute.



banknote counter

Grace Friction Banknote Counter GFC-120 offers a wide selection of functions for counting and detecting damaged and counterfeit banknotes.


coin counter

A portable coin counter for many currencies The GCC-10 is especially for counting the sorted coins fast and accurate.